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Here is a list of your testimonials

Dear AmaizAblaze

“I have a 4100 and a 7100 AmaizAblaze Stove.  Our 4100 is an insert and heats 1200 sq. ft.  to 75 degrees in all weather conditions.  It uses 1- 1 ½ of 40# bags of pellets per day or 30# of corn per day.  Best Stoves in the market!  Completely satisfied!”


Dear AmaizAblaze

“I purchased a model 7100 Multi-fuel stove 2 years ago.  I am completely satisfied.  It heats my 2000 sq. ft. Ranch house with no problems and with ease of operation.  Very little up keep and maintenance required.”


Dear AmaizAblaze

“We’ve had our 4100 corn burner for over 10 years now and we love it.  No dust – plenty of heat- just works great for us!


Dear AmaizAblaze

“My 7100 is installed and burning like a dream.  Every room in my house is warmer than ever, even the basement!  The purchase price was money well spent.  I can’t wait to enjoy the benefits for an entire heating season.  All my friends at work are asking about the stove.  I’m giving nothing but good reports and I’ll pass your name along. So you may get some more business.”


Dear AmaizAblaze

“The corn stove is working very well on day two after first use.  At noon today (20s and sunny), the house is at 71 degrees – both up and down stairs- after being 61 early this morning with the corn feed rate set to just under 4 the whole time since the afternoon before.  The gas furnace has not run now for about 24 hours.  It is really putting out the heat, and I can’t imagine ever setting the rate to 10, but we will see when the temp outside drops.  The exhaust through the house is much better than I feared.  There is no visible smoke or soot – none- and only a little yellowing right at the outside of vent so far.  Near the outside vent, the fumes smell like burnt cookies.  I am satisfied and would recommend the AmaizAblaze 7100 product you sell to anyone.  Thanks for all your help and service.”


Dear AmaizAblaze

“We had a pellet stove that we have had nothing but troubles with.  We went and bought one of these AmaizAblaze Stove, which burns so much cleaner and not had any problems with this stove at all.  Also, love how there is more climate control with this, versus our other pellet stove.


Dear AmaizAblaze

“We have had a corn stove for 15 years – best heat you could have!  Heats a 100 year old farm house in the dead of winter.  Best stoves on the market – would recommend to anyone!”


Dear AmaizAblaze

“Affordable, easy maintenance.  I’ve had mine since 2001 and has very, very little problems.  Since purchase we only had to replace the auger and combustion motor due to high moisture in corn.”


Dear AmaizAblaze

“I am extremely happy with my AmaizAblaze Stove.  It sure beats cutting and chopping wood.  There are very few ashes to remove.  I am able to regulate the room temp. to as low or as high as I desire it.  My fireplace insert looks great works great and requires little maintenance from me.”