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State-of-the-Art Corn Burning Stoves & Biomass

Keeping your home earth-friendly is easy when you purchase one of our corn burning stoves that run on most biomass fuels on the market. AmaizAblaze Stoves in McComb, Ohio, brings homeowners across the country a new way to stay warm. These stoves produce 8,000 to 80,000 BTU, or British Thermal Units. Say good-bye to harmful gas and deforestation, and say hello to a lower heating bill when you take home a stove from our shop.

Guilt-Free Heat

Not only are our stoves efficient, they actually benefit the environment. Burning corn in your new stove creates carbon dioxide, feeding plants all over the earth. Plants take in this carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen. Farmers grow corn in just four months. Compare that number to the waiting time for fossil fuels at 400 years, or even wood from a mature tree in 40 years.

Corn Field - Corn Burning Stoves

Amazing Corn

A corn burning stove is a great choice for any earth-minded home. It burns more cleanly than any other fuel, and has potential to become more affordable. It also burns hotter than wood pellets, at 9,000 BTU per pound, compared to wood pellets at 7,800 BTU per pound. The following list shows the costs of some other common fuels compared to corn:

  • Propane - 91,000 BTU per Gallon
  • Fuel Oil - 140,000 BTU per Gallon
  • Coal - 13,000 BTU per Gallon
  • Electricity - 3,412 BTU per Kilowatt Hour
  • Natural Gas - 1,000 BTU per Cubic Foot

Efficient Fuel

One-hundred-twelve pounds of corn, or 2 bushels, produces 1 million BTU. Other resources simply cannot compete with this incredible payoff. The following list displays how much of each fuel you need to produce the same amount:

  • Wood Pellets - 128 Pounds
  • Propane - 10.99 Gallons
  • Fuel Oil - 7.14 Gallons
  • Coal - 77 Pounds
  • Electricity - 293.08 Kilowatt Hours
  • Natural Gas - 1,000 Cubic Feet

Renewable Sources of Energy

Contact us today to purchase any of our amazing corn burning stoves, and witness the efficiency of earth-friendly heat.